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Welcome to the world of Preinclined!

We started this journey because we found ourselves precrastinating getting things done early — for better or worse. It might seem like a positive trait, and in many ways it is, since it can mean completing tasks, accomplishing goals, and being able to be counted on. But feeling the constant pressure to check off items on a to-do list can mean never taking a rest, not letting the mind wander, and running the risk of burnout.

We looked for resources to help us understand this tendency, but there wasn’t anything out there that resonated with us. We wanted to learn from others — those similar to and different from us — how we could lean into the good parts of our precrastinatory tendencies and overcome the downsides.

We have a theory: Some of us look out for our present selves at the expense of our future selves (procrastinate), while others look out for our future selves at the expense of our present selves (precrastinate). In some parts of our lives we may be more likely to procrastinate, and in others, to precrastinate. For example, we might precrastinate in our work lives and procrastinate when it comes to our physical well-being, or vice versa. These tendencies might also change during different phases of our lives.

We’re on a mission to understand these tendencies and help people become preinclined — taking care of their future selves while also being mindful of their present selves.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. Interviews with ordinary and extraordinary people from all over the world reflecting on their pre- and procrastinatory tendencies.
  2. Tools, tips, and resources that help us on our mission to be preinclined.
  3. New reflections and revisions to our theory as our journey unfolds.

We hope our content will be a welcome dose of inspiration for your present and future self.

For now, a few ideas to get you started:

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Learn about our Preinclined Theory in detail. Why do you precrastinate or procrastinate? What traits do you identify with, and how do you think you can leverage your tendencies better?

Share our quiz with friends, coworkers, or family members and chat about the results. What can you learn from each other’s tendencies? How do your similarities or differences impact your time together?

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Read our interviews with pre, pro, and perhapstinators from all walks of life. Do you identify with their experiences? Are there things you’d like to do, or not do, that they describe? How do you apply their tips?

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