Slow Down! Precrastinatory Habits to Break — Work

Yes, precrastination has its downsides. Below are ten ways our precrastination gets the best of us in our work lives.

  1. Launching a new initiative before it’s ready, leading to confusion or problems that need to be resolved.
  2. Being the first to jump in to answer a question, without taking the time to think it through first.
  3. Handling a task yourself because you know you can do it most efficiently, even though it would be better for everyone if you delegated it and helped someone else learn how to do it instead.
  4. Preparing a presentation for a big meeting before you have all the context on what it should include or all the results that are needed.
  5. Assigning work before it’s clear what needs to be done.
  6. Moving on from one project to the next without seeing each one through fully.
  7. Selecting the first idea in a brainstorm rather than taking the time to fully generate ideas.
  8. Being quick to critique ideas rather than hearing them out.
  9. Shutting down an initiative because of slow traction rather than attempting ways to make it succeed.
  10. Completing all the low-hanging fruit activities first while delaying the big picture, high impact work.

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