Slow Down! Precrastinatory Habits to Break — Relationships

Yes, precrastination has its downsides. Below are ten ways our precrastination gets the best of us in our relationships and social lives.

  1. Scheduling a catch-up with someone you don’t want to see just to get it over with.
  2. Ending a relationship in order to preempt an inevitable break-up later.
  3. Arriving early to an event even though it results in the awkwardness of being first to arrive.
  4. Always being the organizer of group events and outings, even though it means you don’t get to enjoy them as much as everyone else.
  5. Frequently asking a loved one to do a quick favor for you while they’re busy doing something else.
  6. Asking a loved one for a status update on something they already told you they would do next week.
  7. Planning a life together on the first date.
  8. Choosing a wedding day outfit before getting engaged.
  9. Determining what your child is passionate about before they’re old enough to have a say.
  10. Writing a thank you note before the whole gift has arrived.

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