Slow Down! Precrastinatory Habits to Break — Health

Yes, precrastination has its downsides. Below are ten ways our precrastination gets the best of us in our health and well-being; all of them are habits we’re trying to break.

  1. Exercising through an injury to get the workout in, even if it might mean exacerbating an injury and taking longer to recover.
  2. Increasing weights, resistance, mileage etc. before you’re ready.
  3. Starting a workout without stretching properly first.
  4. Exercising after a meal, without waiting to digest first.
  5. Checking the box on exercising quickly without thinking critically about what the most effective workout would be.
  6. Investing in cooking equipment to prepare healthy meals without knowing how to use them.
  7. Ordering ingredients for a new meal plan even though you’re about to go away and won’t have time to prepare it.
  8. Choosing the healthiest-sounding item from the menu even though you know it won’t leave you satisfied.
  9. Eating foods you don’t want or don’t think are good for you just to get them out of the house.
  10. Eating foods you don’t want or don’t think are good for you just to use them up before they expire.

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