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Are you a Precrastinator, Procrastinator, or in between… a Perhapstinator? What does it all mean? Let’s explore your type in more detail.

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Profound Procrastinator

“Why do today what you can do next year?”
You feel a deep sense of dread about not completing tasks on time, and may feel guilty or depressed about not managing these tendencies better. You wonder if you could make more of life and your potential by not being a profound procrastinator.

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“Why do today what you can do tomorrow?”
You tend to delay taking action, often leaving things to the last minute. You may feel you work best under pressure, avoid doing things that lead to stress, or get sidetracked by distractions. You wonder if you may be able to accomplish more in life if you weren’t such a procrastinator.


“Perhaps I’ll do it now, or perhaps I’ll wait”
In some parts of your life you delay taking action, while in others, you get a head start. You may have a good sense of your priorities and take care of each thing in its own time, or you may be a bit disorganized in your approach. As a perhapstinator, you may wonder if those around you have a better way of prioritizing or managing their lives.

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“Why do tomorrow what you can do today?”
You like to get a head start on activities and don’t like to let projects or tasks linger. You’re likely quite efficient, but may not always achieve the best outcomes. As a precrastinator, you sometimes wonder if you may have done a better job on something if you had taken more time to think it through instead of rushing through it.

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Profound Precrastinator

“Why do next season what you can do right now?”
If there’s something to get done, you do it yesterday. You like the feeling of accomplishment and don’t like to let projects or tasks linger. You’re likely extremely efficient, but may not always achieve the best outcomes. As a profound precrastinator, you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the anxiety to get things done faster or sooner.

Pre and Pro Tendencies Aren’t Set in Stone

We hope you enjoyed the quiz and thought it was accurate! However, that’s not the end of it – many of us can be precrastinators in some parts of our lives and procrastinators in others. Our tendencies can also change during different phases of our lives.

Be sure to read our Preinclined Theory to find out more about precrastination and procrastination, and how you can find the right balance between the two tendencies!