Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021

2021 is upon us, and it’s time to do some self-reflection and planning for the new year! To help you with this worthwhile endeavor, we’ve created a Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021. We hope this will give you a useful structure to start thinking about what 2020 was like for you, and what you’d like to prioritize and realize in the new year.

Without Further Ado: the Preinclined Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021

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With this post, we hope to share some of our thoughts behind the design of this planner and how you may want to approach it.

Section: Looking Back on 2020

In this section, we have six short prompts for you to reflect upon:

  • I prioritized…
  • I deprioritized…
  • I wish I had…
  • I wish I hadn’t…
  • I’m grateful I…
  • I’m glad I didn’t…

I prioritized…

Think about the top-of-mind goals and tasks you put first and foremost this year. Include goals that you felt you didn’t fully complete or achieve yet, but which you had dedicated the most time and attention to.

I deprioritized…

Reflect on the goals, things, or people that you deliberately decided not to pursue or pay as much attention to this year.

I wish I had…

What were some things you wish you had gotten to, but didn’t? Were there times or opportunities that you felt like you missed out on? Was there a moment that you wish you had seized the day? Is there someone you wish you had seen more of, or a hobby you wanted to enjoy more of?

You can also use this section to think about the circumstances that impacted you and why things went the way they did.

I wish I hadn’t…

On the other hand, was there something that you wish you didn’t do? Is there something you did that you regretted? Was there a moment you wish you could take back?

Similar to above, think about how you came to that, and how you might handle a similar situation in the future.

I’m grateful I…

Turning to more optimistic topics, what were some circumstances, opportunities, people, or things that you were grateful for this year? What made your year? Who made it all better?

I’m glad I didn’t…

Was there something you considered doing, but didn’t do, that made you really glad or relieved in hindsight? What was it, and how did you decide against it? What about it made you glad or relieved after the fact?

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Section: Looking Ahead at 2021

In this section, we explore what you plan to put into action in 2021; be as detailed as you like about:

  • I intend to start/prioritize…
  • I intend to stop/deprioritize…
  • I’ll take care of my future self by…
  • I’ll help my present self be more mindful by…

I intend to start/prioritize…

Look back at your responses for 2020. Are there things that came up this year that you believe you should prioritize in 2021? It could be a continuation of what you prioritized in 2020, picking up what you deprioritized in 2020, or a complete change in direction!

I intend to stop/deprioritize…

Thinking about your responses above, and what you learned this year, what would you like to stop doing or do much less of? Is there something that is hogging your attention and time that you would like to push away?

I’ll take care of my future self by…

Big Picture: Thinking ahead a few months, years or even a few decades, what do you imagine life to be? What can you do this upcoming year to move closer to that vision that you have for yourself? What are the big things you plan to do that could really change the course of your future direction? Think about how you can create more and better options for yourself with what you choose to do.

Day-to-Day: What are some habits or small tasks you can do now that your future self will thank you for? Whether it’s learning something every day, or taking care of your sleep or skin, or eating better and exercising, think about the things you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help your future self out — little gains compound!

I’ll help my present self be more mindful by…

While you project into the future, don’t forget about your present self! What can you do to center yourself right now? Would you practice self-care in a more deliberate fashion? Will you do your chores more mindfully? Will you spend more time with your family?

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Section: This year will have been a success if the following things happen…

In this section, we go deep into the weeds to figure out the goals and priorities for the year. You can use the section above to inform and probe you to define your goals. The important thing is to be as specific about what you want to happen as possible in various aspects of your life:

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Life/Other


No matter what work you do — a job, business, volunteering, home-making or any combination — think about what your goals for this year are. How will you measure success?

The key here is to be specific and set measurable sub-goals. For example, if you want to work towards a promotion, think about the sub-goals that will get you there; let’s say you think the three things that will help you get there will be to achieve (1) $X revenue in your business line, (2) CSAT of X% and (3) Team/direct report satisfaction of X%.

For each of these sub-goals, you can go even deeper and figure out what are the action steps you can take to get to them. Using the example above, maybe you can think of 3-5 concrete things to do that will help with the revenue goal, such as sending a certain number of cold emails a day, or empowering your team with specific tools.


Similar to above, try to think about what the concrete goals are for your relationships with people in your life. Whether it’s your spouse/partner, parents, children, friends, manager, co-workers, neighbors, or more — how would you like to approach your relationships with them during the year? Are there goals you can set to help you know you are making good progress?

For example, maybe you wish to be closer to a family member. Can you set some goals around seeing them during the year, or maybe calling or texting more often?


What are some goals you would like to set for your health this year? These could be related to exercising more, eating healthier, taking vitamins or supplements, managing a condition, taking up a new sport, and so on.

For each aspect, think about how you would like to measure it. For example, maybe you have a target weight; or maybe you want to exercise three times a week, and you set up a habit tracker for it; or if you want to measure your macronutrients for each meal, you set up an app. Think about what you can do right away to give you momentum to get started!


Are there other aspects of life you would like to achieve? Maybe you want to relocate to a new place, or you want to experience something specific? Do you want to travel more (when it is possible to again!) or visit some famous sites? What else can you think of that you want to prioritize that don’t fall into the other aspects above? Add them here, and similarly define them in terms that you can measure.

Final Thoughts

As with any planner, what matters most is for you to review it often and stick to it as much as possible throughout the year. Here’s what we’ve found has been helpful in the past:

  • Be willing to change your goals if your priorities change. Don’t be afraid to discard some goals if your circumstances and ideals change. At the same time, don’t change them so often that it becomes a moving goalpost! Define life for yourself.
  • Share your goals with someone you trust, who can keep you accountable. Your accountability partner should be willing to check in on you regularly, and call you out when you are slipping.
  • Translate your priorities into day-to-day actions. We use our To-Do Matrix to keep our priorities in sight at all times, and give us direction for actions that will help us to achieve them in the long run. The more you can connect the dots between what you do every day and what your ultimate goals are, the better your motivation will be for actually achieving them!

We hope this planner helps you to frame the year past and the coming year — May you have a wonderful 2021, with lots of love, learning, and laughter!

We are grateful for you, and look forward to a year together as we all figure out how to become more preinclined — caring for our future selves, while taking care of ourselves today.

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