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Carylyne lives in Singapore, and Emily lives in the US. Because of the pandemic, we haven’t seen each other in person since 2019.

Hello! 👋 We’re so happy to see you.

We are Carylyne and Emily, two friends and colleagues who have teamed up to explore precrastination and procrastination – our tendencies to get things done right away or push them off to the last minute.

At our last company we bonded over similar interests and values – and found mutual respect for how the other got things done. After leaving the company, we got together again to work on something new (see a sneak peek!) and discovered the uncharted territory of precrastination – how we both like to get things done way before they are due, and the upsides and downsides of that approach.

Before we knew it, we were analyzing how to help people take care of their future selves today by giving their present selves more delightful ways to do so. This became our organizing principle, and continues to be our mission today.

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More about Carylyne
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The Basics

Name: Carylyne Chan
Type: Pre-Leaning Perhapstinator
Writing Preference: Long-form theory/frameworks and explanations
Experience: Startup founder and executive; a mouthful – see my profile for more
Location: When not traveling half the year, I’m in Singapore!
Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien in varying degrees of profiency) and knowing a bunch of Japanese words from watching anime

The Fun Stuff

MBTI: Lifelong, unchanging INTJ
Favorite Skills: Tea mastery, knowing random concepts and topics, having a good memory
Daily Habits: Meditation, drinking 20 pots of tea, putting on sunscreen every hour indoors, completing my To-Do Matrix
Hobbies: Reading, escaping rooms and solving puzzles, playing otome games, staring at my goldfish, strength training
Biggest Anxieties: Social anxiety, not-fulfilling-my-potential anxiety
Life Philosophy: Live without regrets

More about Emily
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The Basics

Name: Emily Hurd
Type: Profound Precrastinator
Writing Preference: Stories, observations, and reflections
Experience: Startups of various sorts and sizes (more here)
Location: Originally from Boston, then NYC, now Chicago
Languages: English, plus rusty conversational Chinese (Mandarin)

The Fun Stuff

Favorite Skills: Planning ahead, securing impossible restaurant reservations
Daily Habits: 5:45am wakeup and 10pm bedtime, going for walks regardless of the weather
Hobbies: Tackling in-depth baking and knitting projects, jogging, traveling
Biggest Anxieties: The urge to get things done right away
Life Philosophy: Everything works out in the end

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