Mindfulness Without Meditation: Knitting

I know several people who swear by meditating. In fact, Carylyne is one such person, and she recently detailed her journey with transcendental meditation. A Love and Hate Relationship with Meditation For me, I’ve tried to make a habit of meditating in the past. A few years ago, I set a goal, installed the HeadspaceContinue reading “Mindfulness Without Meditation: Knitting”

Meditating into Clarity: A Journey with TM

Around here at Preinclined, we talk a lot about how it’s important to take care of yourself today, even while doing your best for your future. One of the ways that I’ve found most effective to do so day-to-day is by meditating. Discovering meditation As you’ve probably experienced, meditation is one of those things thatContinue reading “Meditating into Clarity: A Journey with TM”

Reader Q&A: How To Make Time For My Interests

Q: I always go into the year with the best intentions. I have a lot of interests and enjoy several hobbies, and I have a long list of books and articles I want to read. But time and time again, my work gets in the way. I have a demanding job, and it seems likeContinue reading “Reader Q&A: How To Make Time For My Interests”

Reader Q&A: How Do I Make Chores Enjoyable?

Q: I like the idea that we should do things that watch out for our future selves, but in a way that’s enjoyable today. How can I put into practice the idea of being preinclined for things that are legitimately boring, like chores? I don’t find anything enjoyable about folding laundry or doing dishes. A:Continue reading “Reader Q&A: How Do I Make Chores Enjoyable?”

What Home Alone Teaches Us About Pre and Procrastination

Since this holiday season has been quieter than most, I’ve taken advantage of the extra time to re-watch holiday classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and Home Alone. While my intention wasn’t to do close readings of the films for precrastination and procrastination examples, I couldn’t help but find that HomeContinue reading “What Home Alone Teaches Us About Pre and Procrastination”

Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021

2021 is upon us, and it’s time to do some self-reflection and planning for the new year! To help you with this worthwhile endeavor, we’ve created a Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021. We hope this will give you a useful structure to start thinking about what 2020 was like for you, and what you’d likeContinue reading “Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021”

Habit Tracker – How It Fits With The To-Do Matrix

I briefly mentioned in my post about our To-Do Matrix that you can make it even more rewarding to complete your daily “Next Actions” column by making it a habit to complete it every day. In this way, you are creating momentum — a streak, if you will — by developing and reinforcing the habitContinue reading “Habit Tracker – How It Fits With The To-Do Matrix”

Using the To-Do Matrix + Calendar To Manage Your Days

In a previous post, I shared how I manage my tasks with the To-Do Matrix, a system that helps to ensure that I focus on the top priority things each day. After sharing the post, I received a few questions about how to use the To-Do Matrix in the context of other commitments and choresContinue reading “Using the To-Do Matrix + Calendar To Manage Your Days”

What Skee-Ball Taught Me About Procrastinating

Fun fact: Skee-Ball was one of the first ticket-redemption arcade games; you roll a ball up an incline and try to get it to drop into one of several holes, preferably one worth lots of points so you win lots of tickets. Before air miles, I had arcade tickets When I was a kid, ourContinue reading “What Skee-Ball Taught Me About Procrastinating”

The Preinclined To-Do Matrix

About a year ago, I started realizing that I’ve been putting off major projects or tasks even though they’ve been sitting on my long list of to-dos for ages. We all know the feeling — these few items on the list that have been there forever, but we never seem to be able to checkContinue reading “The Preinclined To-Do Matrix”