Our Favorite Business Startup Books

As we work on our own start-up, we often draw inspiration and new ideas from business books that we read. Here are some of our favorites from recent (and not so recent) years. If you’re thinking about starting a business or are curious about other entrepreneurs’ journeys, we hope you’ll enjoy these as much asContinue reading “Our Favorite Business Startup Books”

Precrastinating Through the Holidays

There’s nothing I love more than hosting family and friends for festive meals. That said, I also recognize that doing so causes immense amounts of stress as I try to plan every detail. This year, the holidays look different, as we won’t be celebrating with anyone outside of our household, but we still want toContinue reading “Precrastinating Through the Holidays”

Starting Up Our Startup

In September we decided to team up to launch a sunscreen company. It was clear that our vision couldn’t be brought to life overnight, and we couldn’t do it alone. Our research suggested the timeline would be something like one year to have our initial products in market. A leisurely year or a ticking clock?Continue reading “Starting Up Our Startup”