Mindfulness Without Meditation: Knitting

I know several people who swear by meditating. In fact, Carylyne is one such person, and she recently detailed her journey with transcendental meditation. A Love and Hate Relationship with Meditation For me, I’ve tried to make a habit of meditating in the past. A few years ago, I set a goal, installed the HeadspaceContinue reading “Mindfulness Without Meditation: Knitting”

Meditating into Clarity: A Journey with TM

Around here at Preinclined, we talk a lot about how it’s important to take care of yourself today, even while doing your best for your future. One of the ways that I’ve found most effective to do so day-to-day is by meditating. Discovering meditation As you’ve probably experienced, meditation is one of those things thatContinue reading “Meditating into Clarity: A Journey with TM”

“Bitter Then Sweet” — An Idiom About Precrastination?

As far as memory reaches, my parents have drilled a certain Chinese phrase into my mind: “先苦后甜” — literally translated as “first bitter then sweet”. It’s a Chinese idiom that may be familiar to many of my friends, as it represents some of the core values that we grew up with. The future-looking self IContinue reading ““Bitter Then Sweet” — An Idiom About Precrastination?”

Reader Q&A: How To Make Time For My Interests

Q: I always go into the year with the best intentions. I have a lot of interests and enjoy several hobbies, and I have a long list of books and articles I want to read. But time and time again, my work gets in the way. I have a demanding job, and it seems likeContinue reading “Reader Q&A: How To Make Time For My Interests”

Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021

2021 is upon us, and it’s time to do some self-reflection and planning for the new year! To help you with this worthwhile endeavor, we’ve created a Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021. We hope this will give you a useful structure to start thinking about what 2020 was like for you, and what you’d likeContinue reading “Pre & Procrastination Planner 2021”

Habit Tracker – How It Fits With The To-Do Matrix

I briefly mentioned in my post about our To-Do Matrix that you can make it even more rewarding to complete your daily “Next Actions” column by making it a habit to complete it every day. In this way, you are creating momentum — a streak, if you will — by developing and reinforcing the habitContinue reading “Habit Tracker – How It Fits With The To-Do Matrix”

The Preinclined To-Do Matrix

About a year ago, I started realizing that I’ve been putting off major projects or tasks even though they’ve been sitting on my long list of to-dos for ages. We all know the feeling — these few items on the list that have been there forever, but we never seem to be able to checkContinue reading “The Preinclined To-Do Matrix”

Big Picture Goals Framework (The 4 P’s) in Practice

Have you reviewed our Big Picture Goals Framework (the 4 P’s) and want to see how they apply to real-world scenarios? Read on! As a reminder, the 4 P’s are as follows: Ponder Prepare Proceed Post-Mortem Let’s take a look at a couple of examples: Michele is thinking about setting a goal of running aContinue reading “Big Picture Goals Framework (The 4 P’s) in Practice”

Day-to-Day Motivations Framework in Practice

If you’ve read our Day-to-Day Motivations Framework for tackling the many ideas, tasks, and projects that come up each day (as opposed to the relatively fewer big picture goals we have that come up less often but stay with us for a significant period of time), you may think it sounds good in theory butContinue reading “Day-to-Day Motivations Framework in Practice”

Slow Down! Precrastinatory Habits to Break — Health

Yes, precrastination has its downsides. Below are ten ways our precrastination gets the best of us in our health and well-being; all of them are habits we’re trying to break. Exercising through an injury to get the workout in, even if it might mean exacerbating an injury and taking longer to recover. Increasing weights, resistance,Continue reading “Slow Down! Precrastinatory Habits to Break — Health”