Big Picture Goals Framework (The 4 P’s) in Practice

Have you reviewed our Big Picture Goals Framework (the 4 P’s) and want to see how they apply to real-world scenarios? Read on! As a reminder, the 4 P’s are as follows: Ponder Prepare Proceed Post-Mortem Let’s take a look at a couple of examples: Michele is thinking about setting a goal of running aContinue reading “Big Picture Goals Framework (The 4 P’s) in Practice”

Day-to-Day Motivations Framework in Practice

If you’ve read our Day-to-Day Motivations Framework for tackling the many ideas, tasks, and projects that come up each day (as opposed to the relatively fewer big picture goals we have that come up less often but stay with us for a significant period of time), you may think it sounds good in theory butContinue reading “Day-to-Day Motivations Framework in Practice”